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Israel The 1st Quality International Dental Caricature - Cartoon Contest -- 2009 Israel
DEADLINE: 10.08.2009
Rules of Contest Results of Contest

theme: Dentist

1-The contest is open to all. It is permitted to pass the contest entry form, to friends or clubs, amauters as well as professional.
2-Each individual entrant can send a maximum of 6 caricatures/cartoons.
3-The artist's name, address and e-mail should be written on each entry drawing, beside the title of the caricature/cartoon.
4-There is no fee for entry.
5-The contest is divided into two section. A caricature section and a cartoon section.
One 500 $ prize will be granted to the best caricature/cartoon drawing, winning the contest.
Each entrant will receive a prestige participant certificate, and 12 medals will be send to the best works, 6 for each section. 2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze and 4 honorable medals.
6-The caricatures/cartoon drawings could be black and white or color.
7-The object of the contest is to convey a dental scene - funny, scary, dramatic, etc. The relation between the dentist and his patient, as well as facial expressions, body movement and dynamic positions, are all important.
8-All correspondences including the caricatures/cartoons in a jpg format, should be e-mailed to GILADOR@GMAIL.COM
9-All entries should reach the above e-mail no later than August 10th 2009.
10-Submission of entry implies acceptance of these conditions.
WEB: http://cartooncature-dentist.blogspot.com/


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