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Italia Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest -- 2009 Italia
DEADLINE: 21.06.2009
Rules of Contest Results of Contest

A Nicola Bucci (Bucnic) project
in collaboration with Trasimeno Blues Festival

“Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest”
International Competition of satirical design

1. Trasimeno Blues Festival, presents its first edition of “Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest: International competition of satirical design dedicated to Blues”

2. The theme of the competition: “The Blues
The artwork must be developed on a single table in the maximum size UNI A4 (cm. 21 x 29.7), coloured or black & white. The artworks must not have been published in the past. Participation is for free, open to artists of any nationality. For minors require a permission of a parent or his representative. Each author may participate with one artwork.

Entries must be sent together with the registration form in full, duly completed and signed no later than Sunday 21 June 2009 at:

by e-mail at: info@trasimenobluescartoonfest.com (.jpg – 300 dpi)

by regular mail at: “Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest “ - Gabbiano Jonathan - Via G.Bellezza n°.4 - 06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG) – Italia

3. The artworks must indicate on the back: name, surname and address of the author. The artworks will not be refunded. The artworks will be published on the official web sites of the competition.

4. A Committee will choose the 30 most impressive artworks of the competition. The 30 finalist artworks will be published on official web sites of the competition.
The winner will be declared by online votation.

5. The artworks which make it to the final stage of the competition will be published in the program booklets and will be exhibited for 11 days during the Trasimeno Blues Festival.
The winner will immediately be notified and invited as a guest of Trasimeno Blues Festival, on August 1th to collect the prize.

6. Prizes:
First prize will be a sum of 250 euros and the winning piece will be on front cover of the Trasimeno Blues Festival CD. In the event of a draw, the first prize will be divided between the winners.

7. Every artist must justify the content of their own artwork. The works that the Artistic Director receives could be chosen for publication, distribution and any type of use . All the competition participants understand and agree to the terms of the competition stated implicitly here, and accept, without any compensation, the exhibition of their artworks in or more shows in the art exhibition and the following publication of he catalogue. They also agreed to its publication in books, posters, bookmarks, t-shirts or cute hats, calendars or agendas and on all the information services. It will be obligatory for the name of the artist and the country of origin and of the name of Trasimeno Blues Caroon Fest to be included in every publication.

8. The Trasimeno Blues Festival while remaining fully committed to the care and protection of the works exhibited , does not take any responsibility for any theft, damage or loss that might occur involving these works from the moment they arrive till the close of the exhibition.

9. Participation in the event which is completely free, implies total acceptance of
these regulations. The Organising Committee has the right and the responsibility to give the final decision concerning controversial questions as well as on matters not explicitly provided for.

For further information:
Gabbiano Jonathan - Via G.Bellezza n°.4
06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG)
Tel/Fax: +39 075 828489
(mon/fry 10.00am-13.00am)

Application Form
To be attached to the works which must be delivered to:

“Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest” –
International competition of satirical design about Blues

Gabbiano Jonathan - Via G.Bellezza n°.4
06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG)

Email: info@trasimenobluescartoonfest.com

Surname and name:__________________________________
C.a.p.__________________ City_________________________
E –mail______________________________


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