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2008 International Cartoon Contests
Dong-A. LG International Digital Cartoon Competition / Korea 2008

1. Eligibility

¡ö All Individuals and Groups or Teams
¡ö One entrant can register on both sections.
¡ö This competition is open only to digital cartoons & caricatures that made in the form of digitalization originally. Scanned works of non-digital cartoons & caricatures are not eligible.
¡ö The entrant should be the copyright holder of the works. The works should not have been awarded in the other competition nor used commercially.

2. Section and Theme

A. Cartoon
- Olympic Games

B. Caricature
- Sports player

3. Entries

A. Digitalized works in black-and-white or color
B. Number of entries per each section: minimum 3 ~ maximum 5
C. Limitation of Cartoon cuts: maximum 5 per one work
D. Each entry should be submitted in the form of both original digital file and jpg file.
1) original file - resolution size: A4, 150 dpi or higher
2) jpg file - resolution size: the same as the original one with the best quality setting.

4. Registration

A. No Entry Fee
B. Deadline
- All files including entry forms and entries should be submitted by 18:00(Standard time for Seoul, Korea: UTC/ GMT +9hrs) April 30, 2008,and works submitted after this cannot be accepted for the selection.

C.??Required Document
- Entry form: Only completed and confirmed entry form will be accepted.
* Official language of the competition is English and Korean.
* Use separate entry forms per each section you submit.

D.??For Further Information & Question
¡ö e-mail:
¡ö Tel.: +82-2-2020-1610 | Fax. : +82-2-2020-1639
¡ö Official Website:

E.??Entry Guideline

¡ö On-line Entry
- Upload all the files on the following internet hard. (Click English)
Membership Login
ID : artdonga
PW :

- Choose your entry section folder between Caricature / Cartoon in Upload Folder
- All the files including entry forms and works (original files and jpg files) should be compressed in a .zip file, saved as ¡®entrant¡¯s name. zip.¡±
- Upload ¡®entrant¡¯s name. zip¡±

* On-line Entry only
* All entrants will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

5. Prizes
(In parenthesis is the number of awardees)

6. Process

¡ö Registration: April. 20 ~ April. 30, 2008
¡ö Selection: May. 6 ~ May. 7, 2008
¡ö Announcement of Prize Winners: May. 13, 2008 (Winners will be announced on the official website and contacted in person by e-mail.)
¡ö Exhibition: May. 20, 2008 ~?? / Website :
(¡ùAccording to the circumstances of the organizer, the above process can be changeable.)

7. Exclusive on Selection and Annulment of Award Decision

A. An entry will not be considered for selection when:
- The entry form is not completed and the entrant¡¯s information is not clearly written.
- What is written in the entry form is different from what really is.
- The entrant is not the copyright holder of the work.

B. Award-winning decision will be annulled when:
- The entrant is not the copyright holder of the work.
- The winning work has been awarded or selected at any previous competition.
- The winning work is found to be a plagiarism of, or closely similar to other works

8. Copyright

¡ö All rights of prize-winning works - such as copyright, property right and the right of use etc. - belong to the organizer of Dong-A. LG International Digital Cartoon Competition 2008.

9. Others

- All the files submitted for selection will not be returned.
- Matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the Organizer of Dong-A. LG International Digital Cartoon Competition 2008.
- By submitting the entry form and participation in the competition implies agreement by entrants to all conditions and regulations of this article.

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